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Why is Youth AdriNet a fundamental step towards a better EU COMMUNITY? Because European youth definitely lost their confidence in the existing decision-making systems: young people have lost confidence in their power to give their own contributions to the public life; too many times their voice has remained unheard.

Youth Adrinet is providing young people of the Adriatic area with all necessary tools to become active citizens of their local, regional, national and international (Adriatic and European) communities so far:

A) It is providing them with SPACES where to express their potentials, ideas, experiences: each Project Partner is currently organizing and equipping Youth Centres where young people have the chance to meet, socialize, exchange ideas and develop new projects.

B) It is providing INFORMATION concerning all opportunities that young people have both in the local/regional and in the EU community, via the implementation in each partner territory of youth info centres.

C) It is also organizing training courses for them, to allow young people translating their interests, competences and passions into job opportunities. EDUCATION is one of the keywords of our projects hence, since youth creativity and ideas have at the same time to be left free and to be addressed towards the better way of actualization. We start also from the firm belief that education can’t be limited to theoretical lessons: young people need to experiment problems emerging in the practical implementation of their projects. This is why we are offering them also the chance of participating in international workshops: 40 hours in a foreign country for concretely implementing a project idea in an international community.

D) This is, also, a youth AdriNET: NETWORK is with no doubt another keyword of our project. Young people in the EU have to become conscious of being not only (active) citizens of their local, regional and national communities, but above all actors of the international/EU community. So, here you are, the “Youth Adriatic HUB”, which will be held in Campobasso (Italy) on the 20th –21st March: a meeting of youth coming from the forums created in each partner territory, aimed at the exchange of ideas and information about youth opportunities in Europe. This network will be then continued and reinforced thanks to the tools provided via internet: a platform of dialogue among young people that will be included in the project website; the database of all youth associations present in all partner territories, that will allow young people to locate and contact youth associations with the same interest/field of activity in foreign countries: an optimal tool for promoting transnational projects etc., waiting for September, when the ADRIBUS will leave from Gorizia: 24 youth will start together an Adriatic travel across all partner territories, living together for 2 weeks in a multicultural environment, taking the responsibility to witness with their personal means the ADRIBUS experience and of participating and collaborating with local youth centers/youth forums in each partner territory for the organization of local events.

We have activated an extremely complex social process, which started from a deep analysis of the extremely different pre-conditions, culture, legislations and civil society of the partner territories. We will wait and see its long-lasting effects as we have just started a ripple effect...







YOUTH ADRINET project intends to promote actions finalized to the increase of the European identity and the active participation in the social life of young people in the multi-cultural and multi-ethnical framework of the Adriatic area. In the last decades the young population has progressively lost confidence in the existing decision-making system and has showed a growing lack of interest in the traditional forms of participation in the associative public life; since young people represent the future European ruling class, it is necessary to set up with them new strategies that will foster their commitment in the public life and more particularly in the life of the European society. Starting from the analyses and suggestions coming from several documents and communications on Youth Policies drawn by the European Commission and already taken in by some national and local entities involved in the project, YOUTH ADRINET proposes to foster the mutual acquaintance, the development of joined methodologies and the setting up of new job opportunities in a vast area context, in order to increase the youth active participation in the public life.






The project main goals are thus the setting up in the Adriatic basin area of: institutional cooperation actions among political actors in charge for the management of Youth Policies; a model where the principle of an active citizenship for young people finds the right place where to develop and where some concrete actions of social integration can take place; an advanced methodological approach that includes both a local and a transnational dimension; a professional couching and training process focused on the creation of new possibilities for the employment of the young.






The milestones of the project are: the analysis of the existing laws and policies addressed to young people in the Adriatic basin area; the creation of political boards for the direct and continuous involvement of the decision-makers in all the processes set up by the project; the establishment or, where already existing, the improvement of Youth Clubs-YCs composed of Multimedia Communication Centres-MCCs (structures where educational,sports,artistic and cultural activities addressed to the young or set up by the young themselves are carried out) and Youth Information Services-YICs (centres run by public/private actors carrying out actions peculiar to an informative multi-sectorial centre and activities of gathering information on the juvenile state); the setting up of local Youth Forums-YFs (regional or local bodies with advisory and propositive functions).






The project is also expected to be connected to ADRIEUROP2 project, promoted by Molise Region and aimed at building, from an operative point of view, the Adriatic Euroregion. The final result of the processes set up by YOUTH ADRINET and mainly of the work of the Youth Forums that will be created is expected to be the drawing up of a document proposing the creation of a cross-cutting Commission on Youth Policies to be set up in the framework of the Adriatic Euroregion. As for the partnership of the project it consists mainly of public bodies (Province of Gorizia, Apulia Region, Province of Campobasso, Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Municipality of Rimini, Municipality of Novigrad - Canton of Sarajevo, Municipality of Gorizia, Regional Council of Shkoder, City of Pula, City of Dubrovnik, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Municipality of Izola), a non-profit private organisation, called ForSer (VET centre founded also by the Italian Association of Municipalities) and Informest, Agency for International Cooperation and Development with sound experience in the Adriatic Basin, thus the partnership covers almost all the possible eligible areas and puts together different institutional levels and social entities, in order to set up a project structure whose characteristics will be the right ones to better achieve the expected results.